What is Democracy?

Democracy is a form of government that allows peopel to vote.  It is what we have in America.  People can elect their leader, rather than a dictatorship.  It is what democrats beleive in.  When people want something done, it gets done if the majority of the people want it done. 

Blogging Competition: About Me

My name is Jonathan.  I am 13 years old.  I live in Connecticut in the United States.  It’s in the northeastern part of it.  I go to Moran Middle School and my teacher is Mr. Bogush.  I live with my mom, my dad, and my sister.  My sister is ten years old.  My pets are four fish.  I had a lot more, but they died.  I love to play sports.  Right now, it’s the spring here, so I have track and field.  I also like to play video games and hanging out with my friends.

Do you Define a Person by their Actions, or their Intentions?

I would say that you define a person more by their actions.  Anybody can just say that they intend to do something good, but never do it.  They just say that to make themselves look good.  If you just say you will do something, and then you never do, then nothing happens.  Nobody will get anything out of it.  I’m not saying that you have to do something to be judged, but you have to at least try.  You can’t just say that you will do it.

One example is Former President George W. Bush.  He intended to do great things for this country, and look how that turned out.  He said he would do good things, but everything is horrible right now.  We are in the middle of a pointless war, our economy is in its worst shape since the great depression, and many other things.  So what is the right way to look at that?  Do you say that he was a good president because of what he said he would do, even though he never did it?  Or do you say that he was a bad president because of the bad things that he did?  If you think that he was a good president because of what he intended to do, then think of it this way.  Everybody who runs for president has intentions.  But that doesn’t make all presidents good ones.  Lots of people would just lie about things like that and never do it.  They would say anything to get elected, but they should be judged on what they actually did.

Another example is when you first meet somebody.  The first action that you see somebody do is the one that you will remember.  First impressions are everything.  Before you meet somebody, you will probrably see them doing some sort of action, big or small, but either way it is still an action.  That action that you first see them do is the impression that will stick.  Not the first intention that you find out about them.  If you have never met somebody before, and they randomly walk up to you and say, “These are my intentions,” and then they start listing their intentions, you would just walk away.  You aren’t going to remember what their intentions were that they were listing, you would remember that somebody that you don’t even know did the action of walking up to you and listing them.  The fact they they walked up to you and stated their intentions is what will stick in your head.  And you would probrably be freaked out that they randomly came up to you and said that.  But the action of them telling you their intentions before you met them is the impression that you will get from them, and that is how you would define them.

Random Acts of Kindness

Some ways to be kind at school are to give people good comlements and to never make fun of people.  It is always good to say thankyou when somebody does something good for you.  You should always encourage somebody to do something that they want to do.  You should respect what they want to do and encourage them for it.  Something nice about my classmates is that they are all very smart.

Social Studies Class

This week in social studies class, we are doing a project with fourth graders from New York about the Oregon Trail.  We each have to do 5 slides of our pecha kuka.  My slides are Provisions, Buffalo, Camping, then one slide is about where it started, landmarks along the trail, and problems with wilderness camping.  And my last slide is Buffalo, encounters with Native American Tribes, and Accidental Deaths.  We have to record them once we are done with them, and we only have 20 seconds for each slide.

A Wonderful Place

A woderful place for me is in my room.  If I was bored, I would probrably enjoy going there.  If my TV is off, then it is a nice, peaceful place.  I can watch TV, read, play games, or anything else I feal like doing there.  I would probrably share it with my friends, because it is a fun place to hang out.

Blogging Challenge: What Do You Have to Change about Yourself Before you can Change the World?

For me, it is pretty hard to decide.  But I would say to care more about things.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very nice person.  But sometimes I am just pretty lazy and don’t care that much.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing my homework because I am too lazy.  Right now, I don’t really have any opportunities to change the world.  I’m still in school, I play sports, I have a lot of things going on.

Lewis and Clark Script

The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Breaking News, Preident Thomas Jefferson is having congress fund an expedition to the west. He chose former army captain Meriwether Lewis to lead the mission. Lewis has choosen William Clark to be the co-leader of the expedition. President Jefferson wants them to explore the Missouri River and also to establish peaceful relations with the American Indians. The expedition will taken off soon.

Crossing The Planes
This morning, Lewis and Clark came face to face with a new tribe. They told them that the United States had now owned the land that they lived on. They gave them presents from their supplies. Sacagawea will supply the most important help for the expedition. She is offering to help them when they head across the great plains.

To Pacific and Back
Earier today, Lewis and Clark got across the Planes. Then they traveled to the Rocky Mountains. Sacagawea’s brother gave them horses and a guide to lead them across the mountains. Finally this morning, Clark could finally see the Pacific Ocean. In March 1806, they will leave to go home. They plan to arrive there in September 1806. Even though they haven’t discovered a river route from the West to the Pacific Ocean, they did collect useful information on paths across the Rockies and western lands.

Pike’s Exploration
While the Lewis and Clark Expedition is been going on in , Pike is being sent on a different mission. He was told to find the beginning of the Red River. He will lead his expedition to the Rocky Mountains, where he will attemt to climb Pike’s Peak. Yesterday, he went south. While following the course of the river, he got arrested by Spanish calvalry. The Spanish imprissoned him. When let out, he told us about his trip. He was glad to have had an opportunity to do business in the southwest with the Spanish.