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My name is Jonathan.  I am 13 years old.  I live in Connecticut in the United States.  It’s in the northeastern part of it.  I go to Moran Middle School and my teacher is Mr. Bogush.  I live with my mom, my dad, and my sister.  My sister is ten years old.  My pets are four fish.  I had a lot more, but they died.  I love to play sports.  Right now, it’s the spring here, so I have track and field.  I also like to play video games and hanging out with my friends.

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  1. Hey I’m Holly. I have{actually now had} a lot of fish. I love your fishes names! I name mine some different names like fish and grima wormtongue.
    Have any of your fish died in mysterious ways other than being attacked by other fish? Mine have gotten their heads caught in plants and heaters, and one spontaneously combusted from the inside. but my fish are just that weird I guess!

  2. Hey this is Kloie I live in Michigan I go to Hayes Middle School I am also in the blogging competition. My teacher is the amazing Mr. Moore ha:) I live with my Mom, Step Dad, Brother, and my Sister. I actually did have a fish I was like 4 but now I’m 12. Unfortunetly my fish died…:-( I play soocer 247 I LOVE to hang outw ith my friends~~ well I got to go hopefully we can stay in touch you should comment on my blog:) by by

  3. I’m sorry but why would you give out private information. Someone can easily know where you are. Think next time you post to not give out any private information and I think you would be fine. You could give information about your other things that are not important like your games. Remember to not give any private information next time you post.

  4. hi my name is elielio i live in Massachusetts i live in Townsend and have a great life

  5. Hey it’s me again! (Kloie).. hah and yes sports is very fun. I love your website too! hah and yes the swine flu incedent we have is getting very dangerous! I think you have a good chance of winning the competition for 2009:) aha
    Comment back by by
    If you dont remember my address here it is:-)

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